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What is the response rate?
We cannot guarantee a response rate, but we can advise areas and design to maximise your outcome. Response rates often depend on what the promotional material is advertising and the quality and appearance of the material and whether your company is choosing the correct target market areas.

Research has shown:
- 90% of people read catalogues
- 70% of people like to receive catalogues
- 67% of people keep catalogues for more than one day
- 84% of people said information was the most important feature in a catalogue

What if we have leaflets already printed?
All you have to do is drop off your leaflets at our warehouse in Moorabbin and they will be distributed from there.

How do the leaflets get distributed?
Our courier takes the leaflets from our Moorabbin warehouse to the Area Supervisor, who then distributes the leaflets to their area walkers.

How long does it take for the leaflets to be distributed?
Each walker takes between 1 - 3 days to distribute the leaflets. With 50,000 leaflets, we could finish the distribution within 5 - 7 working days. If it is raining, we prefer not to distribute as the rain may damage the promotional material. We also do not distribute in weather that is too hot for our walkers.

Is weekday and weekend distribution the same price?
You can choose whether you want your leaflets distributed on weekdays or the weekend. Both are the same price. We accommodate to your company needs. Some companies will only distribute on certain days, we distribute everyday.

What is the price of distribution?
Our prices start from $38.50 (inc. GST) per 1,000 leaflets. This depends on the quantity and size of the leaflets and the areas to be covered. Inner city suburbs are cheaper, outer Melbourne i.e. Eltham, Narre Warren, Mornington are slightly more expensive. There will be a surcharge added for those suburbs that are hilly or are hard to work.

Business and commercial properties start at $120.00 per thousand.

Inserts / Attachments to flyers or special campaigns such as election campaigns are priced on application.

How much notice do I have to give prior to distribution?
We require at least 7 days notice to organise our walkers in respective areas.

Do you inspect the job after completion?
We follow up each distribution. We have an Area Supervisor who is contacted by the walker immediately after the job is finished. The Area Supervisor then checks random letterboxes to ensure the job has been done properly. We also make phone calls in the area to ensure the household has received the leaflet.

I have just started my business, what can you do for me?
Quick Solution Advertising has helped many companies get off the ground. We have a starter business package that includes Business cards, Letterhead, With Comp Slips, Envelopes, Website design and hosting as well as Advertising options. Everything you need to get your business started or ahead of the rest in your industry.

How should I supply files for my artwork?
You should present your artwork in the following formats.

MacIntosh computers Quark Xpress and Illustrator files are acceptable. If supplying the job in Quark Xpress, please supply all fonts and pictures. If supplying the job in Illustrator, convert all text to outlines and save the job as - (name of job) then .ai - this is the (Illustrator extension). PDFs can be used in most cases but are not preferred.

PC computers For best results, jobs are preferred in Illustrator (see above for saving files). We also accept InDesign. If a job is done in Corel Draw, it can be saved as an Illustrator file. Pictures or logos supplied must be a minimum of 300dpi and must be TIF, Photoshop EPS or JPG format. Ads supplied in those formats to be used for jobs, must be to exact measurement (please call our staff for ad sizes). A picture or logo can only be increased by 30% without distortion. PDFs can be used in most cases but are not preferred.

Other information All Fonts must be embedded. 3mm bleed needed outside the rim area. It is best for our graphic designer to do your design as it saves you time and effort and our rates are the most competitive around. All files must be in CMYB. We do not accept Word or PowerPoint designs. You must sign the "Sign off Artwork" form before your design goes to print. Please call our Head office on 9553 3122 for more information.

Artwork to be supplied in the following ways

For PC - CD or email

For MacIntosh - DVD-R/RW or email

How should I present my advertising material if already printed?
We require your advertising material in bundles of 50, 100, 150 or 200 depending on the type of material. Your printer will usually bundle before dispatch. Bringing the material onto our premises unbundled requires labour time and a surcharge may apply.

Terms and conditions
Please read our terms and conditions, privacy and disclaimer before submitting advertising, distribution and artwork.